Friday, December 29, 2006

A very good place to start

Why do I want to create a blog?
  • My world truly is a Wonderland and I have lots of glorious things to write about.
  • I have ideas and photos that I would like to keep track of and share.
  • I love surfing the web and recommending links.
  • I am learning about the web and must practice using it.
  • I am HORRIBLE at communicating with far away loved ones and maybe this will help.
  • I love creating all kinds of stuff, what more reason do I need!?
For my blog I vow to...
  • post when I want to.
  • share links and photos.
  • write about things that please me.
  • contribute some positive energy to cyberspace.
  • only write when it does not interfere with possible creating time!

1 comment:

One Crabapple said...

Your blog has a great look !

And your dolls....they are wonderful !

AMazing !

and such special names .