Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lucky, Lucky Me!!

I am SO happy!

We are cleaning up The House of Hell in order to put it on the market, ASAP. This means dismantling my studio corner in the sun room. (We "made" a studio by blocking in my stuff in half of the room with a baby gate, a buffet, and a few shelves.) Faced with this horrible reality and still wanting to USE MY STUFF rather than just pack it away, I was struck with a moment of brilliance. Ask my Mom and Dad if I can set up shop in their house! My sister's room is mostly unoccupied since she lives in the city now and only comes home to visit. My mom said I could use it. After a weekend of packing, moving and unpacking, I now have a new studio!!

The work area:
My wonderful sister Em has no idea she has a roomie. (Until now... Hiya Em!) But I know she will share. I am the eldest after all, so really she has no choice. I did have to make a few modifications to the room, such as...
a) move her bed against the wall
b) move her shelf of photo albums and special stuff
c) move anything else in my way *hehe*

and most important...
d) cover the freakish fashion model collages on the walls! They creep me out. Now I don't mind all the dance posters and other dancer tchotchkies, but really, those scary models had to go! I used a bulletin board and the book Scrapplique leaned against the wall to cover the worst ones above the worktable. I still have to live with Angelina Jolie and Kiera Knightly watching me from the other wall but I can handle it. I am brave.

I labeled everything with my handy-dandy Brother P-Touch which I love with an OCD passion. Note the labels below.
I have a shelf for all the clothes waiting for me to transform them with my brilliant artistic touch:

It also holds my precious collection of craft books:

I am in bliss. All I need now is a surger and more fabric and my world will be complete!
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~Mo'a~ said...

This is a great studio. Scary models LOL
Do you recomend the two books you have that caught my eye....."Where Women Create" and "Beautiful Animal Dolls"?

Happy Creating in your new studio....does it come with a baby sitter :?

m&m said...

hahaha, well i am glad i checked out your page before i come home this weekend, you have done a lot! now i am forewarned. yeah mom did mention that the room would most likely get a make-over when you entered! lets have a craft sleepover! he