Friday, January 05, 2007

What am I up to now?

What am I doing now that I am not working on dolls?

One thing I am doing is using this beautiful fabric by Amy Butler to make a skirt/jumper for B. I've never made clothes before but I am learning slowly. I just play until I like it. No patterns. This one was a denim dress until I cut off the skirt and am using the top bodice as a foundation for the new skirt. I'll post photos of it soon. Go look at Amy Butler's site, I just love her designs!
I am also playing with other ways to dress up boring clothes. So far this skirt/jumper and "The Elephant Dress" are my first attempts. Check back for more photos. I'm just waiting for a sunny day to take them!

1 comment:

~~~Mo'a~~~ said...

I look forward to seeing the completed dress.
I love you post below, beautiful sleeping babies. Is there anything that pulls at the heart strings more than babies?
I am impressed with your sidebar.