Monday, February 26, 2007

When you wish upon a star

Tax refunds are coming! let's dream a little, shall we?

for me:
leather paints for the blank shoes. every color!
new hearing aids
a haircut! i look like a fuzzy mop
a dustbuster and another cordless hardwood floor vacuum. don't ask. i just love these things!

for hubby:
some cool techie thing. i think lately he wants something to do with the internet. he keeps asking me "don't you think we need faster internet?" uhh... NO! but we are just dreaming here, so he can have it. :)
a snow blower
healthy home cooked meals. home cooked by someone else, that is. preferably my mom. she makes great food.
a couple of day trips to NYC with money to go to the cool museums, restaurants and zoos.
money to pay back the wonderful people in our lives who have helped us along the way.

for Miss B:
a kiddie gymnastics class or camp (she has LOTS of energy. she is currently channeling it into doing a kids yoga DVD from netflix. very cute with her mat on the floor and her chanting "om" and "namaste".)

a dance class (did i mention that she has lots of energy? lately she has been jumping on coffee tables, climbing the baby gates at the stairs, climbing on Baby E's crib to wake her up when they are supposed to be napping...)

a year's supply of crayola paint & craft supplies

i never thought i would say this, but a computer and a kiddie keypad and mouse. yes, i am finally ready to let her plug in to another electronic device. i am a weak person!

for Baby E:
a My Gym class (GREAT place. we love them here in our town. E is tired of just watching B and she wants to have fun too!)
a baby play table (they stand at it and play with all the bells and whistles on the top)
what else do you need in life when you are healthy and you look like this...?

Alas, in reality we will pay bills and save. that is the rational thing to do with a tax refund. too bad!

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