Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whoo hoo!

I love a great sale!

I went to the kids consignment store today to get a baby walker for E (long story) and more potty chairs for B (even longer story), and I got a flyer about their upcoming sale. Next weekend it's fill a bag for $15! I’m there! I will be stuffing my bag with unused clothes and shoes for my artwork, used stuff for my girls, ponytail holders, socks… ooo…I get all excited just thinking about it! I hope it is not just part of the store. It probably is just the clothes, not toys and gear. We will see.

I did score some great unused leather kids shoes. I am going to get leather paint and make fun pairs to go with my art outfits. I am hoping to make each outfit a full set with shoes, socks, and accessories to match. I will probably also paint a few pairs of shoes that don't match anything. This is too much fun!

Here are a few of the outfits in progress. (sorry, the photos are not great)

“The Elephant Dress” the one that started my interest in kids clothes. Little Miss B wanted an elephant so I added them to one of her dresses that needed a fashion intervention. I also made a stuffed elephant to match the ones on the dress for her to play with. She loves it! I think this dress needs something more (like eyes for them, shoulder lace or a pocket) but hubby thinks it’s done and I should leave it as-is. What do you think? Tell me any advice in the comments, I want to know! This photo is of the back, the dress buttons up the front.

I wonder where that little stuffed elephant went? Hmmm.

Black corduroy overalls with pink and white. The bear is a stand-in for the one I will make to match. This set will have a white long sleeved button down shirt.

A denim jumper with purple and orange. I will probably make a short sleeved t shirt to match it. I love this one! Don't have more photos yet though.

Cat overalls. I used the same fabric that I used to make the appliqu├ęs to make a stuffed cat-in-the-pocket. The cat is attached to the inside of the pocket by a snap on his tail. Didn’t hurt a bit, I asked.

I'm having fun and I can't wait to work on more!

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Mo'a said...

These are adorable. I do think the elephant dress needs a little something for balance. The cat overalls is wonderful. Will you be selling some or are they all for your little princesses?