Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i've decided to make this blog exclusively about my art rather than family life. i couldn't make up my mind which topic to write about which made me post less often.
no more!
so, onward...
the craft show was good, but not great. i sold an art doll and lots of tiny wooden peg dolls and clothes. i would have liked to have sold more though. many, many people said very nice things about my products but not enough people took one home!

now i am starting to make tiny art dolls to use as ornaments.

they are just like the big dolls, but made to sit or hang. and small! my friend suzanne urban has an ebay group of ornament sellers. i need to get on the ball and join in!

it is very strange to use the clay again after primarily sewing recently. strange and wonderful!

those and halloween costumes are what is on my desk today. (sorry about the crummy early morning photos!)

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