Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fairy and Elf Stories

well, all but one of these fairies are sold. i thought it might be fun to share their stories here in their honor.

this is Dorri...
Dorri a Sleep Pixie Elf Doll.
The name Dorri means “glittering star”. That is a very fitting meaning for her. Her job is Pixie Dust Manager to The Sandman. That’s right. The famous guy who comes to visit us each night as we are sleeping. He sprinkles sweet pixie dust on us to facilitate happy dreams. Dorri is the wonderful elf who prepares the pixie dust for him each night. She is the perfect temperament for this… sweet, caring, serene and quiet.

Dorrie is looking for a safe and happy dwelling to call home during the daytimes. If you have such a spot for her, please respond to this ad. She promises to stay with you until you are enjoying your own sweet dreams before she leaves for work each night. You won’t even notice she is gone.

Dorri wears a lavender colored wool felt coat over shorts and a long sleeved jumpsuit. This is the official coat that only Sleep Elves and other Sandman employees receive. The trim is real pixie dust.
This is Ezkurra, a Pixie Elf Doll. Ezkurra is for decoration or gentle play. She enjoys standing on desks, mantels and bedside tables or playing in dollhouses. Her preference however, is to be near a bit of fresh air. It shows off her hair as it moves in the breeze.

Ezkurra is a small but powerful force. She is not bossy or outspoken but she exudes gentle control. Her personality is strong and she has incredible self-confidence for an elf so small.

The name Ezkurra symbolizes an acorn. The sign of the acorn has traditionally been used to symbolize the potential for great power in a small but potent package, and indicates independence in its bearer.

This particular elf is positive the town Ezkurra (in Spain) is named after her. Apparently hundreds of years ago she was instrumental in a pixie revolution near there. That’s all I can get out of her on that subject.

Ezkurra wears a rust colored wool felt coat over a deep purple dress. She has a matching purple scarf with a button brooch. Her shoes are wood painted deep purple. She loves her long wild hair and wears it loose and fluffy with pride. On the sole of her foot she has my initials and a tiny heart.

This is Lark, a Feather Fairy Doll.

Lark is perfect for decoration or gentle play. He enjoys standing on desks, mantels and bedside tables. He also loves to play in dollhouses (just be wary of his wings going through doors. Facing sideways works well.). In my studio he has been observing my computer work and telephone conversations and just by looking at me, reminds me not to take the world too seriously.

Lark is a fanciful soul. Like many fairies he is very mischievous but too smart to get caught doing anything. Lark is amused by human interaction, in particular when we talk to each other on the phone. I have no idea what he is thinking but he is definitely laughing with us, not at us. He is full of kindness.

The name Lark symbolizes “happiness, hope, good fortune, freedom, joy, youth, creativity and a new day.” He fully appreciates the humor in most everything.

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Hey Dawn! I love your new line of whimsical creatures! and now. . .


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