Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Elf Stories II

Below is Aulani. Aulani is a magical messenger. She delivers messages and items to elves, fairies and sprites all over the world. Aulani has a bit of natural wanderlust so the travel for her job is wonderful for her.
Aulani wears a purple and maroon wool felt outfit with matching scarf. Her green wool felt cloak is specially designed with an extra pouch to safely keep sensitive items she delivers. You can also add small things to her pouch if you ask her nicely. (sold)

Below is Meela. Meela is communication ambassador for elves, fairies and sprites all over the world. She is the Elf Liaison to Flyers, E.L.F. Specifically Butterflies. Meela’s natural patience and exceptional communication skills earned her this rather prestigious post. (Elves, fairies and sprites have always been challenged communicating with their close neighbors the butterflies. There have been many misunderstandings over the years.) With Meela as The E.L.F. relations are very harmonious between the magical ones and the flying creatures.

Meela is looking for a safe and happy dwelling to call home. Preferably near a garden. If you have such a spot for her, please respond to this ad. Just please be forewarned that Meela’s presence may invite more butterflies to your garden than you are used to.
She wears a salmon wool felt coat over glittery pantaloons. The glitter is very attractive to the butterflies. On her chest she wears a pendant identifying her as The E.L.F. to the butterflies. (sold)
Below is my newest elf. She has yet to divulge her story, but I will add it here when the time comes.


Yvette said...

Hi I followed a link from Judi's blog over here. You had made a comment about her sock monster.

I just wanted to say that your dolls are darling!! There faces are adorable and their expressions are wonderful! I love their hair too!
Your art dolls are beautiful too!
So don't listen to your MIL!! :o)
Just keep making your amazing art!

HElen said...

Hi Dawn,
I followed your links from etsy shop.
Your dolls are so adorable, I love that each of them has their own story, different expression and just so dear and wonderful!
Your art dolls - amazing! Beautiful!