Thursday, February 28, 2008

Madame Alexander Dolls

when i was young, the dolls i played with were the 8" little dolls by madame alexander. i saw one online tonight and WOW, my heart jumped! i haven't thought of them in so long, but as soon as i saw the photos i was in love all over again. i am astonished to discover how expensive they are! like $50 a doll. mine were from thrift stores, now i know why. but oh, what i wouldn't do for them now. it's so silly, i don't think of myself as a play doll kind of girl. no barbies or babies or any of that. but put any of the madame alexander dolls or a small porcelain doll in front of me and i am mush. i remember the old little women dolls the best. i think i also had little bo peep and other nursery rhyme dolls.

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Mo'a said...

They are so Mother has a collection of them...lucky me :)