Thursday, March 13, 2008

On My Desk ... not Wednesday!

A day late... but here is what WAS on my desk on Wednesday! This is my first photo for this meme, I am looking forward to more! I love seeing people's workspaces. Mine is not clean but real. Thanks to Jenny at allsorts for mentioning it! Kootoyoo has a list of participants on her side bar if anyone wants to see it.


Mo'a said...

It is fun to see other peoples studio and desks.
I would be embarrassed to show is messy beyond believe. Yours does not look messy at all...did you clean it first LOL

Kirsty said...

You've got to love a label maker. Your little folk are just gorgeous. Thanks for playing along.

Maureen said...

I'd love a label maker..but I don't really need one (as if that ever makes a real difference.)

I also like the pins; just like a bowl of colored paperclips. Fun stuff.

Glad you joined! ;-)