Wednesday, May 07, 2008

On My Desk Wednesday

Well, I can't find my camera in the moving chaos. i think it is in the old house by the computer but that won't help me with today's On My Desk Wednesday.
I'll tell you, I LOVE my new place! I will have to share my work area with my bedroom but I still love it! My desk is currently balanced on some shelves and not yet bolted together. It is however, very clean since I went on a cleaning spree last night. On top are a few plastic bins of paints, all sorted by color naturally! Also my pens and pencils drawer unit (also sorted by color). I am dying to do some work at my new desk but chaos still reigns around here and so I must carry boxes and clean things.
Best wishes from moving-land!


LizzieJane said...

Glad you checked in and that everything is going well, and that you are happy....but probally tired I'm sure.

Maureen said...

Lol.. if you can't take a picture of it, it didn't happen. So enjoy the little rainbows of color you are creating. Moving eventually is over.