Sunday, April 08, 2007

Baby Gifts

I have so many friends with new babies! Since I am working on my sewing skills, I made these appliquéd initials on a onezie for gifts. My first try at making appliqués. I like it!

The part to get used to is the sewing around the edges. Especially turning corners. But it's not too hard.

These onesies are for Ryan, A.J., Elias, Ryan (another one) & Brady. Lots of boy babies! Since I finished these ones, a Grace has been born. Back to the sewing machine I go!


Sugar Bear said...

These look great! I just read your profile and it is like we are the same person! Too funny.

walnut beach artist said...

VUNDERBAR! love it!

Good job! see ya the 22nd.


Kate said...

Cute - great baby presents!

baby gifts said...

awesome:), It looks great!!
post more gifts like this one mate..