Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gnomes, Goldfish and Mushrooms Oh My!

I finally got my photos taken of the rest of my pre-made one-of-a-kind clothing! I have had only about 1/3 photographed and have not been inspired to post them until I have variety to choose from. I also had to put aside my perfectionism and use the photos that are just "good enough". Thank God for Picnik! I love them! So... slowly I am sifting through the photos, organizing them, improving them on picnik and POSTING THE CLOTHES to my etsy craft shop! Finally. Below are some shots of the gnome outfits and the goldfish outfits. (And an elephant for good measure.)

I am also excited that I am close to posting one of my Elves on eBay. I am in the ornament group AHAO on eBay and I am anxious to post my second shelf sitting ornament. This process has also been slowed down by my wanting a professional looking eBay template for my ad. So hubby and I work on it each weekend and we are slowly creeping closer to finishing it. At least "good enough"! Maybe "it's good enough" should be my slogan for 2008.

Here is a sneak peek of my two new Elves, one for eBay and one for etsy. Names and stories later!

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