Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Elf on eBay

Tonight I am posted my newest elf on ebay. Her name is Posey! This is the first time I have posted an elf or a doll of any kind (other than the teeny-tiny dolls) on eBay. I'm very curious to see if I can sell my work on eBay successfully. I know it will take patience and I know it takes time to build up a following. Still... it is good to get started.

Her story...

Posey is a very quiet elf. She likes to keep her ears open to appreciate the poetry and music she hears in the air, especially when she is in nature. She is very creative and loves to nurture the creativity in others (even humans, if you get to know her well). I suppose in mythology she would be considered a muse but Posey is not a mythical elf. If you do find your creativity blossoming in her presence you will know she thinks of you warmly.

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Mo'a said...

Oh!!! I do like her and her story is wonderful. Good luck with her on Esty.