Monday, February 18, 2008

Birdhouse, 2008

i am finally finished with the "birdhouse" for Project Return. next year i will probably go back to giving them a doll for the auction, but it is always nice to try new things so i am not sorry i did this. i made it with the intention of having it played with. i bought the wooden house and then painted it, added shingles, interior molding, and "hardwood" floor downstairs and on the porch.

on the inside i included seven tiny girl dolls of various ethnicities to represent the seven girls living in the real Project Return house. i made 7 beds that they fit into, a dining table with 7 chairs, a china cabinet, 8 bowls for food, apples to put in the bowls, curtains, and rugs.

i hope it is enjoyed by whatever kid gets it!


em said...

oh m gosh this is a little girl's dream come true!!
sorry i havnt check in in a while, lovely pics!

thelittlestcraftshop said...

This house is adorable. I love the blue birds painted on the outside.