Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Elf

This is Besslyn. She is my first "tall" elf (at a whopping 6 inches). When Besslyn stands next to Arwina (the only remaining elf who is still here to compare to) she looks like her big sister or a mommy.
Besslyn has lots of beading all over. Wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and head band.

I was very frustrated with the amount of wind when I was shooting her photos. But not enough to wait! I get so excited when a new being is finished that I feel I must post photos immediately! I am really struggling right now to NOT post crappy night photos of my next elf. She is looking at me like "Hey, what about me?". But I can wait until I can take photos in the light tomorrow. I think.


Mo'a said...

She is adorable...I am not surprised that you get excited.

suzanne.artist said...

She is wonderful! and congrats on getting front page exposure on ETSY!